Imagine Counseling, LLC

Life is not about health, but healing, not about being, but becoming.
We are not yet what we shall be, but we are growing toward it.
The process is not yet finished, but it is going on.
-Martin Luther

Imagine Counseling, LLC

Welcome to Imagine Counseling, LLC located in San Antonio, Texas.

We specialize in helping individuals, couples and families deal with the difficulties and challenges life sometimes presents us with. These include situations related to transitions in life, unexpected events, feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety and stress, difficulties in communication, and conflict in relationships, among other issues. We view life as a journey -specifically, a learning journey- with all its ups and downs.

At Imagine Counseling, LLC, we draw from different theories and techniques to offer practical applications targeted to enhance the bio-psychosocial functioning of clients and their families. Treatment is tailored to the person's individual situation -their needs and goals- and aims to assist the person to enhance their skills to deal adequately with life situations, to achieve a better level of adaptation, to modify internal and external conditions which may be affecting them in respect to behavior, emotions, and thinking, and to acquire greater realization of the strength and potential within them. In short, our mission is to assist individuals, couples and families achieve more adequate, satisfying, and productive functioning.

At Imagine Counseling, LLC, we believe in a holistic approach to wellness, which is based on treating the "whole" person. We focus not only on a client's mental, emotional or behavioral patterns, but also on other aspects of a person's life, including the discussion of their physical health, lifestyle, interaction and connection with other people, spirituality, and philosophical conceptualization of their own existence.

As you consider counseling, imagine the possibilities and the potential for growth within you...