Services Offered

Clinical social work services consist of client-centered advocacy, consultation, assessment, diagnosis and treatment -including psychotherapy and counseling.

Psychotherapy (also known as counseling, psychosocial therapy, "talk therapy" or, simply, therapy) is a general term for treating mental health problems by talking with a mental health provider. Not everyone who benefits from psychotherapy is diagnosed with mental illness. Psychotherapy can help people who are dealing with many of life's difficulties that can affect anyone (for example, it can help an individual cope after a major life change, such as a person who recently lost their job, or a couple experiencing a high level of conflict and considering divorce).

At Imagine Counseling, LLC we provide the following modalities of psychotherapy:

Individual therapy, in which the therapist works one-on-one with individuals dealing with issues such as anxiety disorders, mood disorders (like depression), eating disorders, personality disorders, addictions, unhealthy reactions, conflicts in interpersonal relationships, or dealing with a major loss or change in life.

Couples therapy, in which the therapist works with couples that are facing relationship problems related to a number of factors, such as poor communication skills, or dissatisfaction in their relationship, among others. Interventions are designed to restore a healthier level of interaction and functioning.

Family therapy, in which the therapist involves all the members of the family. The Family Systems Theory regards the family as a whole, rather than breaking down the treatment to address the individual symptoms of every family member. Under this approach, issues such as family structure and communication patterns are emphasized.